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use code "welcome" 10% off | free shipping to USA

Your Next Lampshade May be the Macramé One

An exquisite lifestyle is not only embodied on these large furniture, such as wardrobe, but also on these small additions what you have picked out to brighten your home.

Today, a lucky one chose from these addition is the lampshade. We all know that finding a lampshade working with your room can be trickier than it seems. But this Macramé pendant light shade, our new arrival, is designed for versatility and can match almost any lighting situation.


1. Eco-friendly Material

Made from handwoven 100% cotton, it features soft touch and is totally kind to the ecology. The simple wooden color-tune provides you a free little space to calm down to feel the nature and listen to your heart.

Imagine that: lights are weakened; the world is immersed in silence and you can only hear the rustle of turning pages.




2. Excellent Macramé Design

[ Macramé was most popular in the Victorian era. Sylvia's Book of Macramé Lace (1882), a favorite, showed readers how “to work rich trimmings for black and colored costumes, both for home wear, garden parties, seaside ramblings, and balls—fairylike adornments for household...”. Most Victorian homes were adorned by this craft. Macramé was used to make household items such as tablecloths, bedspreads and curtains. ]

Macramé, as the one which has gone through a long time, is also an enduring style in modern decoration. You can feel the ingenuity of our artisans because one lampshade requires their hours of knotting!
If you are minimalist, you will find the secret of it!




3. Perfect Fit for All Situations

This exquisite and modern design can be in absolute harmony with all situations, such as wedding, living room or bohemian-themed parties. You won’t be troubled by color matching. It also can be a good gift for birthday and Christmas.