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use code "welcome" 10% off | free shipping to USA

Do not Let a Small Space and a Tight Budget Trouble You!


Do you also like to set series of inspiring goals for organizing your work and life at the beginning of a new year? Then why not take some actions to organize your space? Sometimes, the hustle and bustle of life gets to us, and before we know it, we’re left with a mess of a house or work place. We understand that no one wants to feel tight, and will not do so with these great space saving ideas that will.

This time, we’re showing you fun and unique ways to maximum living space and organize all your appliances in an orderly fashion.



1. Cloth Storage Bag

A change in seasons calls for a swap of the linens. Stowe all your cold-weather flannels, blankets and sheets in these fabric storage containers with bright colors to keep your look. When you’re not using them, simply collapse and place under the bed until they’re needed!


2. Hanging Numbered Pocket Chart

This genius 30 pockets organizer, which can be hanged on wall or in your closet, even can be attached to the back and front of the door, is your best way to keep your impressive collection safely secured and off the floor.

Numbered for each pocket, it’s easy for you to find. Its multiple functions keep you away from mess of socks, data wire or anything else. Surprisingly, you can choose 9 pockets or even 56 pockets according to your need. So just let your imagination run wild!

3. Desk Tidy Container

Your desk is your special space where you make goal plans, draft up ideas and carry on your tasks. Hate losing your pencils and pens as they roll off to the abyss behind your desk? This desktop organization will no longer leave you feeling prickly if you outfit your space, helping you keep track of your pens, headphone or books.


Hurry up! Use these storage ideas to transform your messy space into an efficient space that looks clean and stylish.