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use code "welcome" 10% off | free shipping to USA

How To Choose Right Throw Pillow Covers

Throw Pillows are decorative pillows that accent a couch, arm chair, and other furniture pieces in your home. When choosing throw pillows, it cannot be ignored that the cover is the spirit of throw pillows and where you can present your own stylish life.
Today we're going to teach you how to master throw pillow covers!


Various sizes are available to you

  • When choosing throw pillow covers, the first thing you need to do is to figure out the size of pillows. Using different sizes of throw pillow cover, you can create a both personalized and comfortable style for your home.
  • Standard square pillow covers, typically about 18 inches, sit neatly on sofas with typical dimensions. Oversize pillow covers, typically 24 inches or greater, create a more casual, lounge-like feel. For a modern sofa with a very low back, most experts suggest 16 inch covers. You can choose the right one according to the size of your pillow inner.


Don’t ignore the texture


Velvet has excellent compatibility with human body. A velvet throw pillow is an easy way to update your room without breaking the bank. The plush fabric adds a touch of elegance and is the perfect way to cozy up your room in the fall and winter months.


Pure Cotton

Needless to say, it features air permeability, hygroscopicity and softness and so on, except the poor wrinkle resistance.



Linen throw pillows are a staple in any living space. Their light fabric makes styling with them a breeze, and their popularity means the pattern options are endless.



Whether your room reads formal or casual, you can’t go wrong with a silk throw pillow. This sumptuous fabric adds subtle texture to your space and its plush feel will have you and your family reaching for this throw whenever you want to lounge on the couch.


Keep your own style


Don’t be afraid to switch things up and mix patterns and colors! You can combine these different pillow covers to achieve any look you want, such as modern look, traditional look and countryside look and so on.

Remember that maybe you have just one pillow inner, but you can have different styles of throw pillow because you can always swap out pillow covers!

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